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 The Perception Core is a software program that enable a hardware device to stream molecular image information.


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See here a list of dependencies which might occur - dependent on your hardware configuration:

 GPU Drivers

For Perception Park software Version 2.0, please install the latest drivers from the NVidia website at https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx.

 Common Vision Blox

With version 2.0, CVB is included in Perception Park installers and does not need to be installed separately.

 Frame Grabber drivers (camera-sided)
 Silicon Software

Perception Park software supports the use of Silicon Software framegrabbers to be used with Camera Link cameras. However, the installation of Silicon Software drivers and software has do be done correctly to get it to work. This article goes through the installation process.

Be aware that having both Silicon Software and Teledyne DALSA framegrabbers on one machine is not possible as their drivers/software will interfere with each other. Thus both components will usually be rendered non-functional until one of them is uninstalled again.

A Silicon Software framegrabber can only be used after uninstalling Teledyne DALSA software from the machine.

Before installation

It is highly recommended to uninstall all previous Silicon Software products from the machine. When doing so, the uninstall process might say that not all files could be removed. In this case you can delete the leftover files manually by going to "C:\Program Files\SiliconSoftware\" and "C:\ProgramData\SiliconSoftware\" and delete everything that is left inside those folders.

Download the correct installer

Perception Park software supports the Silicon Software Framegrabber "microEnable 5 marathon deepVCL". Go to it's product page (https://dev.silicon-software.info/product/microenable-5-marathon-deepvcl/) and go to "Downloads". Here open up "Complete Installations" and search for "RuntimeSetup v5.5.1 (Win64) with Applets" for x64 systems or "RuntimeSetup v5.5.1 (Win32) with Applets" for x86 systems and download the installer.  Once downloaded start the installer.

Installing Silicon Software 

When running the installer you will be asked which features to install. The following images show which features are needed to be checked.

Note that the "Core Libraries" are not needed and can be skipped in case there are any problems with the camera connection.

Then click next until installation process starts ad wait until it has finished.

Activating Applets

After installation, the Silicon Software applet "Acq_DualBaseAreaGray" has to be enabled for the framegrabber, otherwise it will not work. To do this, open up Silicon Software's microDisplay and go to File→Load Applet

Note that to activate the applet, the applet needs to be selected from the list, then hit the button in the bottom center (it should display a color schematics of the grabber if the applet is not yet installed)

Verify installation

Now, if you go to the installed software in your Windows control panel, it should list the following items. 

Now the device is ready to be used.

 Teledyn Dalsa Xtium CL-MX4
Download an installer from below and follow the instructions of the installation guide.

Frame Grabbers

Teledyn Dalsa Xtium CL-MX4


Sapera LTsapera_lt_831_camexpertsetup.exe


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