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This example project contains the measurement of an apple with bruises on it. 


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Original DonorMeasurement SystemRelease Date

Rob Webb
Stemmer Imaging Ltd, United Kingdom

Stemmer Imaging CCI Setup

  • Allied Vision GoldenEye
  • Specim N17E
  • Perception System
2016-07-06Apple with bruises.exe52.65 MB

Open the installed example project from the Start perspective of your Perception Studio program.
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The example project apple with bruises shows an apple with bruises on it measured by NIR (near infrared) HS (hyperspectral) line-scan technology.


TitleApple with bruises
Sample DescriptionAn apple with a large bruise on it. See sample image below. The reddish region in the centre shows the bruise. Some other bruises are located near the stem. The blue area also shows some russeting (a brownish roughened area on the skin of fruit caused by injury) around the top of the apple.
Sample IDunknown
Sample Locationstomach
DonorRob Webb / Stemmer Imaging UK
Date of Measurement2016-07-04
Measurement SystemStemmer Imaging CCI Setup:
  • Allied Vision GoldenEye CL033SWIR,
  • Specim N17E slit30um,
  • KOWA F8
  • Perception System
Measurement DescriptionMeasurement in reflection
Measurement SetupLighting: Halogen (2x400W spots, 2-sided), Background: white coated transport tray (made of wood), tInt=12ms, Gain=low
Measurement ID
Spectroscopic DiscussionUnknown
Sample Image(s)



This data can serve to show contact-less bruises detection by means of a NIR (near infrared) hyperspectral imaging camera.

Further notes of the data sets donor

I carried out this example data with a conventional lighting setup - direct lighting from two sides. Therefore, the measurement data appears not to be the very best quality - especially on the borders the insufficient lighting situation results in spectra with less quality compared to those from the centre of the apple. However, by means of the CCI method Correlate I was able to extract a colour image showing all bruises available in reddish colour.

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Good to Know

  • When downloaded execute the installer. The data will get installed in the examples folder of your Perception Park folder in your user folder (e.g. my documents).
  • When installed, open this project from the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program.
  • A demo version of the Perception Studio program is available from here.
  • You are welcome to add your example data to the download space  - see How to add example data to the Perception Wiki


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