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This page summarizes example projects available for download.

Seal inspection

This is an example to show the possibility for the detection of contaminations on a package sealing by hyperspectral NIR technology.

Wood partly wet

A simple example on the extraction of moisture from hyperspectral wood data.

Stemmer Imaging pen

A simple example for exploratory analysis on technical polymers.

Apple with bruises

This data can serve to show contact-less bruises detection by means of a NIR (near infrared) hyperspectral imaging camera.

Ibuprofen pills

Data set for quantitative investigation of the pharamceutical ingredient Ibuprofen measured by NIR camera technology (contact less).

Sausage contaminated with plastics

This data set gives an example on industrial impurity detection. So the discrimination of objects (impurities) from product (sausage) can be investigated.

Three polymers

A small data set maybe helpful for first steps in hyperspectral imaging (exploratory and modelling work).

Various plastics

This is a nice data set for exploratory analysis on plastics typically in recycling.

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