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The Inline version enables all necessary steps when the industrial application of Hyperspectral cameras is desired.


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VersionRelease Date
(64 bit)



Win7, Win10
1.7.3577 2016-07-28Win7, Win10

See the history of updates here. Note the requirements to your PC.


The Perception Studio Inline version enables all necessary steps when the industrial application of Hyperspectral cameras is desired.

  • Perception Studio framework software
  • Perception Acquire plugin
  • Perception Explore plugin
  • Perception Model plugin
  • Perception View plugin


This software version is typically used when industrial Hyperspectral imaging has to be performed. A hardware adapter (Perception System) enables real-time streaming of molecular information to a machine vision solution.


Be sure to have a Perception System available in order to allow streaming of molecular image information.

The Perception Studio program and the Perception System must be of the same version in order to work proper.
E.g. ask your distributor how to update a Perception System to be of most recent version.



Example Data

Good to Know

  • See the Perception Studio program manual for information on requirements, installation as well as licensing.
  • An hardware adapter (Perception System) is needed as processing engine in between the camera and the clients application.
  • Since the hardware adapter (Perception System) fully abstracts interfaced cameras, additional interface software (like e.g. CVB) is not needed on your PC.
  • The hardware adapter (Perception System) is configured before delivery to work best together with your specific camera.
  • Be sure your Perception System is of same version than the Perception Studio program used - e.g. ask your distributor on how to do an update.
  • The Perception Studio program is free of charge within one month after installation. Simply activate the software to be runable on your PC hardware without any bounds on time.
  • Find out your local sales distributive on Hyperspectral hardware and software from here.


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