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This page summarizes information to the release version 1.7 of Perception Software as well as gives access to available package installers.

What's New

Extended Connectivity

GigEVision support enables Machine Vision community to facillitate Hyperspectral Imaging:
A big milestone for Machine Vision related users was reached due to the support of the GEV standard for input and output.
Due to the enourmous number of GEV cameras available, user's are not more bounded to a handfull of specific devices available.
Thanks to STEMMER IMAGING's GEV-server component, any camera can be turned into a Hyperspectral GEV camera in the users network.
Based on PerceptionCore technology, achievied Hyperspectral GEV cameras fully support Chemical Color Imaging and therefore are compliant e.g. for Machine Vision applications.
Contact STEMMER IMAGING to benefit from their rich product portfolio and valued support for machine vision components.

Turn your camera into a Hyperspectral CameraLink camera providing molecular information in real-time:
Perception System users are now profit from an additional standard provided by Perception Park. A dedicated CameraLink emulator card enhances any connected camera to be accessible like a Hyperspectral CameraLink camera. Molecular information is extracted in real-time and communicated to a framegrabber card equipped in the customers machine vision hardware. Thanks to the underlaying PerceptionCore technology, achievied Hyperspectral CameraLink cameras fully support Chemical Color Imaging and therefore are compliant e.g. for Machine Vision applications.

Matlab, ENVI, ASCII support:
You like to process data in your familiar environment? The release 1.7 version now allows to export and import hyperspectral data in Matlab, ENVI as well as ASCII format.

Perception Studio preprared for offline work using the camera of your choice:
All necessary parts to allow direct communication with cameras are now added. This new option allows now to benefit from all functionality you know from previouse releases, but dont needs an additional hardware adapter (Perception System) to be available together with a camera anymore.
To distinguist from our Desktop and Inline version, this new feature came together with the Offline version of Perception Studio. Stay relaxed and test this software together with your camera one month for free.

Extended Processing Power

Multiple feature streaming:
With Release 1.7 streaming of multiple feature streams extends the applicability. Now up to 3 color channels in parallel give users enough freedom, even for challenging applications.

Extended Operatability

Streaming configurable from client application:
For industrial application it is most worthful to control the streaming configuration out from a client application. Streaming is enabled by an additional hardware (industrial PC) now capable to store multiple streaming configurations upon the users choice.
A streaming configuration configures an hardware adapter (industrial PC) between a camera and the client application. When configured, the adapter streams molecular information coded by color streams to the client application and enables by this to profit from hyperspectral technology in the same way like it is known for conventional machine vision camera.
The generation of streaming configurations is enabled to users within Perception Studios Model as well as Setup perspective. The activation of a streaming configuration out from the clients application is controled via a UDP control protocol.

Parallel streaming of Statistical Features:
Statistical features are added to the Model perspective. Allows now to stream statistical feature information in addition - e.g. for segmentation purposes of a CCI color stream.

Extended Functionality

Merging of Hyperspectral cube data now supported:
Exploratory analysis or modelling work sometimes are most aimed when a collection of individual cubes is available to the user. By means of the Merge tool individual cubes now can be concatinated to one overspanning cube. The work on collections of individual cubes are now enabled.

Improved Usability

Clean-up of Acquire perspective:
To improve the usability of the Acquire perspective we moved some visualizations of data to the Explore perspective.

Extended Information Service

Example Data and Tutorials now accessible from the Perception Wiki service:
The Perception Wiki was extended by example data and tutorials to help during first steps towards the industrial application of the Hyperspectral technology.

Free access to our Perception Wiki service:
We open now the door for everyone interested in Hyperspectral imaging. From our Perception Wiki service you get information helpful when the industrial application of the Hyperspectral technology is of interest.
In addition download the most recent software version and example data, browse through tutorials and get help from manuals available.
Distributors and customers: use your Wiki service in the same way as before. Log-in from the "Log-in" bottom top-right on any Wiki page. Of course, custom information like customized software versions are accessible only by you and e.g. your network.
Free access to Perception Wiki: https://wiki.perception-park.com

Available Installation Versions

Get an installer of your choice from the list below:

All software versions are free of charge during a (demo) period of one month. After activation of your specific PC, the software is available without any bounds to time.

Desktop Version:
This software suite enables users to load data like Hyperspectral cubes or example projects into the Perception Studio program, to perform exploratory investigation to hyperspectral cube data and to carry out application relevant information. The Desktop software suite is predestinated for evaluation or analysis purposes of available data.

Offline Version:
Same as above, but in addition allows to setup measurements and to acquire data from a hyperspectral imaging camera. The Offline Suite is typically the best choice for evaluation or analysis purposes of acquired data.

Inline Version:
Same as above, but in addition allows to stream molecular information coded by color information to the clients application. The Inline Suite is the standard for the industrial application of devices based on the Hyperspectral technology.

Update History


  • Release 1.7 - see notes above.


  • Improvement on the installation of the library folder: folder structure is now much more reduced.
  • Bug fix on license activation: Now existent license activations dont get overwritten (by new ones) anymore.
  • Bug fix: Trigger parameters of GEV cameras are now optionally accessible from the Setup perspective.


© 2016 by Perception Park GmbH
The content of this page and any attached files are confidential and intended solely for the addressee(s). Any publication, transmission or other use of the information by a person or entity other than the intended addressee is prohibited. If you receive this in error please contact Perception Park and delete copied material. Perception Park GmbH, Wartingergasse 42, A-8010 Graz; Austria; FN 400381x

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