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This example project contains the measurement of a cheese package with contaminated sealing. 


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Original DonorMeasurement SystemRelease Date

Markus Burgstaller
Perception Park GmbH

Specim FX17
Perception System

2017-06-0432.99 MB

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The example project Seal Inspection contains the measurement of a cheese package with contaminated sealing.


TitleSeal Inspection
Sample DescriptionA sealed package of cheese.

The sealing on the bottom left position was contaminated by 2 thin cheese parts.

Sample IDunknown
Sample Location-
DonorMarkus Burgstaller
Date of Measurement2017-06-02
Measurement SystemSpecim FX17
Perception System
Measurement DescriptionMeasurement in reflectance.

White (ceramic) background.

Measurement SetupLighting: Halogen (12x20W spots, 2-sided), Background: white tile (ceramic)
Measurement ID
Spectroscopic DiscussionUnknown

Sample Image(s)



This is an example to show the possibility for the detection of contaminations on a package sealing by hyperspectral NIR technology.

Further notes of the data sets donor

Reflectance data are measured by means of a 2-sided direct lighting. Some parts on the shiny package show a direct reflection of the light source. This causes oversaturated pixel regions.
It is sure good practice to modify the illumination to a much more diffuse one - as result, the shiny parts might get reduced.

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Good to Know

  • When downloaded execute the installer. The data will get installed in the examples folder of your Perception Park folder in your user folder (e.g. my documents).
  • When installed, open this project from the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program.
  • A demo version of the Perception Studio program is available from here.
  • You are welcome to add your example data to the download space  - see How to add example data to the Perception Wiki


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