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This example data set contains the measurement of three polymer samples. 


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Original DonorMeasurement SystemRelease Date

Jacqueline Köhler
Perception Park GmbH

Inno-Spec HS Camera

  • RedEye 1.7
  • Perception System
2014-01-06Three polymer samples.exe6.02 MB

Open the installed example project from the Start perspective of your Perception Studio program.
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This example data set contains the measurement of three polymer samples.


TitlePolymer Samples
Sample DescriptionPA (upper position), PMMA (middle position) PP (lower position)
Sample IDunknown
Sample LocationLab.1, Shelf A
DonorJacqueline Köhler / Perception Park
Date of Measurement2014-01-06
Measurement SystemInno-spec RedEye NIR, 80um slit
Measurement DescriptionMeasurement of reflectance relative to a white target (white tile)
Measurement SetupFore optic: KOWA08, illum: 2x8x25W, backgr.: white tile (ceramic)
Measurement ID20140106110910
Spectroscopic DiscussionUnknown
Sample Image(s)



A small data set maybe helpful for first steps in hyperspectral imaging (exploratory and modelling work).

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Good to Know

  • When downloaded execute the installer. The data will get installed in the examples folder of your Perception Park folder in your user folder (e.g. my documents).
  • When installed, open this project from the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program.
  • A demo version of the Perception Studio program is available from here.
  • You are welcome to add your example data to the download space  - see How to add example data to the Perception Wiki


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