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In this article the Perception Wiki service is introduced. Read this page to understand the organization of the content.


The wiki system give you access to various information helpful when working with the Hyperspectral technology.
In case of questions or propositions please don't hesitate to contact us (info@perception-park.com).

Wiki pages are in general organized in the following way:

To show an image in its full resolution (e.g. to concentrate on details) just click on the image.

The start page - the dashboard

When entering the wiki system your dashboard is shown. The dashboard gives an overview of all accessible information spaces as well as informs you about changes of the wiki content.

Return to the dashboard whenever you like by clicking on the Perception Wiki icon on the top left of each wiki page.

Search information

To search for specific information you can use the quick search bar on the top of each wiki page. In the following information related to "How" are shown. Extend search option by clicking on the search icon:


Wiki Spaces

Browse through all wiki spaces from the dashboard or by using the Spaces menu at the top of each wiki page:

Space menu

The Download Space

Within this space you get access to information downloadable for your purposes like the most recent Perception Studio software version.

The Info Space

In the Info space you get general information like this "How-to" page.

The Manuals Space

Access manuals like the Perception Studio user manual through the Manuals space.

The Orders Space (logged in users only)

The Orders space gives you an overview about your orders from Perception Park. Open an order to see further information like quality assurance data.

The Projects Space (logged in users only)

Your projects are accessible from the Projects space.

Your personal project data is only available (read-able) by you and the product management of Perception Park.