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The upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7 is an easy thing - just update the PerceptionBox software on your Perception System.
However, please read the following to get some assistance on the update process.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Connect mouse, keyboard and a monitor to your Perception System industrial PC (Perception Core 1.6 installed on it). Execute the installer of Perception Core 1.7 and follow the installation wizzard.
  2. When ready, start the Perception Core program via the PerceptionBox.bat file (you might find a link on the desktop).
  3. Study the output in the PerceptionBox.exe shell. In case the PerceptionBox.exe shell gets closed automatically, your camera might not be accessible or the licensing of the program might not be valid. E.g. open saved log files from %appdata%/Perception Park/logs/ folder. The Perception Core has started successfuly when a text block in green colour is shown in the shell summarizing the currently activated streaming configuration.
  4. Connect your PC to the Perception System, setup your network card (, and start the Perception Studio program.
  5. Change to the Setup perspective and inspect detected hardware interfaces shown in the project browser to the left of the perspective. You will find the Perception Core accessible from this menu (item PerceptionCore@HWName).
    Select this item and connect to it. In case the Perception Core is not accessible from the project browser, please check the Perception Core is running and check your network connection to the Perception System (e.g. Virus scanner and Firewall off?).


Be sure the Perception Core software is of same version than your Perception Studio program!
In case you update the Perception Core program to 1.7 you also have to update your Perception Studio program!

Good to know

  • Get an installer for Perception Core 1.7 from here.
  • Same as for Perception Studio, the Perception Core has to be activated within one month to be runable without any bounds to time.
  • The Perception Core is named at the moment Perception Box (you will see this name in the UI) - this will change in future.
  • Please ensure to use a Perception Core based device always together with a Perception Studio of same release number. So, Perception Studio Inline 1.7.3577 is compatible to Perception Core GPU 1.7.3577.