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Motivated from spectroscopic work in laboratories, an approach to unscramble spectra into their principle components is employed.



An unscrambling process is controlled by the maximum variance information in selected spectra. The perception gained is composed of score values of calculated principle „patterns“ in the spectra. By assigning components to colour channels (which hold application relevant information), a perception is obtained based on principle components.

User Interface

Principle components are extracted unsupervised from selected spectra.
The value per component is shown through a score image at the bottom right of the Model perspective.
By comparison of the score images to expectations and assignment to color channels, a CCI image is obtained (shown to the right of the data view)

Work Flow

  • Select spectra from the scene which potentially holds information of interest.
  • Inspect gained component score images (match with your expectations).
  • E.g. apply pre-processing and in parallel compare results with your expectations
  • E.g. crop the scene to focus only on objects of interest.
  • E.g. set the scaling to selected spectra to arrange the colour contrast in the result
  • Assign those components to colour channels which best describe application relevant information.
  • Save the model for later usage (e.g. to setup the live streaming)


Use the Extract method interchangeably with hyperspectral preprocessing. Try to find a preprocessing situation where spectral information of interest is shown as distinct variance information.
Often this is found by switching through the preprocessing methods and the comparison of results with expectations.


(plus) the extraction process doesn't necessitate knowledge about observed objects.

(plus) the component extraction is done in a statistically well validated way.

(plus) suggested as standard analyzing step - to get experience about the spectral composition

(minus) might fail when components of interest are interfered by much stronger side-components such as noise.

Typical application

  • as analysing tool
  • suggested as standard analysing step

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