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Perception Park programs can stream their output as GigE Vision stream (GenICam compliant stream over ethernet connections). This article covers problems, where the connection or streaming can not be established.

Enable GigEVision Streaming

Before any further actions, be sure that GigE Vision compliant streaming is enabled.

See the article GigE Vision compliant streaming.

Perception Park Software shows errors when streaming in GigE Vision format

Make sure that the network is configured properly and that all needed cables are physically connected. If there are any errors shown in the program output, the program will most likely not send any stream and will also not appear as GigE Vision camera in the network.

Please see the solutions below.

ERROR: No valid GEVServer available

In order to work, the machine which runs the Perception Park software needs to be connected to at least one network. This can be a local network

with or without DHCP or a simple direct connection to another PC. If this condition is not met or no network card can be found, the following errors

might be displayed:

No valid GEVServer available:
 - Please ensure that all network cables are plugged in before starting the application
 - Enter a valid default ip address in the application's ini file (%APPDATA%/Perception Park/<ApplicationName>.ini
 - If the configuration was made for another hardware, make a new configuration with a valid server address

here the default IP can be set in the "PerceptionCore.ini" file as follows


Note that the system defaults to this IP if anything fails

ERROR: The default GEVServer IP address is not valid. The IP, stored in the configuration will be used

The default IP address (set in "PerceptionCore.ini" ) is not valid.

ERROR: The GEVServer IP address inside the configuration file is not valid. The default IP will be used.

The MAC & IP address, defined in the active configuration are not valid for the PC. Note that the network cards are scanned for the MAC first,

then for the IP. The error is shown if both fails. In this case, the default IP is used.

Pleora's eBUS Player

Pleora's eBUS Player is a very stable GigE Vision receiver program contained in Pleora's eBUS SDK. Our tests have shown, that it was always able to connect to cameras/Perception Park programs via GigE Vision interface, even when other programs (including Perception Park programs) could not. Thus, it is the perfect software to test the connection if all other options fail.

Common Vision Blox Issues

Common Vision Blox (CVB) is used by Perception Park software internally to enable GigE Vision compliancy and is automatically installed with Perception Park products since version 2.0. CVB provides a program called GenICam Browser, which can be used to connect to GenICam compliant cameras. Thus, it is the first choice to test whether a Perception Park program sends the correct stream. 

CVB can not detect camera/Perception Park programs

First be sure that everything is physically connected and all network settings are correct.  You can use eBUS player to verify that streaming works.

Silicon Software programs/installations may interfere with CVB's installation. This can usually be fixed by reinstalling CVB. To do this go to the program folder of your Perception Park program. the directory contains a folder named "dependencies". within this folder you will find the CVB Runtime installer. Install it and restart the system if prompted. After this retest if the connection can be established.

GenICam Browser shows wrong colors

There is a known problem with the CVB programs, which causes all received streams to be shown wrong. we verify that our software sends the correct information with our own GeniCam receiver. The CVB programs (CVB 13.02.001) show different behavior, depending on the bitdepth of the stream. The stream's bitdepth can be changed when creating a configuration or by reimporting an existing configuration. 

8bit Streams (what the core usually sends):

Genicam browser displays a wrong image where the blue color channel is always the same as the green color channel. but when saving the image (e.g. in BMP format) the colors are correct. thus, the correct information is transmitted but the displayed image is wrong. please also test this by saving the image and checking colors.

16bit Streams(e.g. TrueColor App):

The data is sent correctly. we tested this with our own genicam receiver. but the CVB programs (and also other GeniCam receiver programs) are not able to read and display it correctly. however, the transmitted information is correct and does just need to be read the right way.


HALCON software can be used to receive GigE Vision streams from Perception Park Software. Depending on the setup, the machines might need to be configured differently as stated below.

HALCON Setup with 2 PCs

If you have one PC for Perception Core and another PC to run HALCON, you have to install the HALCON streaming filter on the used Ethernet adapter

on the HALCON PC

HALCON Setup on 1 PC

If you want to use 1 PC which runs Perception Core and HALCON at the same time, you need to UNINSTALL the HALCON streaming filter from the

Ethernet adapter(s)