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Basic Setup (Prerequisites)

  1. First you need to setup the core as a Line Scan Device. This article shows how Setup a Line Scan Device
    NOTE that you have to select "GEV" as stream type when you Add a Run Job and you have
    to set the IP address to the desired output interface.
  2. After this you can check the Core's stream via Perception Studio. See here View Feature Streams

Changing the output of a Configuration

To change the stream type or IP address, you need to import the desired configuration. This will bring up

a UI, where you can select the stream properties.

Receive with Common Vision Blox (CVB)

Use CVB as GigE Vision receiver to test your setup. To do this open the "GenICamBrowser" software. The UI should show something

like this

"Perception System" is available via the Filter Driver (high performance) or Socket Driver (lower performance). Note that, if you run GenICamBrowser on the same machine as the Perception

Core, only the Socket Driver will work.

After you double click on one of the two Perception System entries with a green camera icon, the streaming window should show up (see the following image). Here, press play

and the stream should start. To exit the streaming view, click the lower "X" in the top right corner.


See GigE Vision Streaming Troubleshooting for help.