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Here the setup process  to detect a GenICam camera is described.

GenICam compliant cameras like Allied Vision G008 or Specim FX10e or FX17e can get interfaced and  controlled by Perception Software.

In order to access the camera, a setup process needs to be done one time.

Step 1: Be sure CVB is installed

Since Perception Park software version 2.0, CVB is automatically installed with Perception Park software installers. If you search your installed programs for GenICamBrowser, you should find a CVB utility program, which can be used to verify that the camera works.

 Versions prior to 2.0

Download CVB (Common Vision Blox) here: CVB Download.

Be sure you own a CVB license which is available to your PC (USB dongle is connected).

Since Perception Park software version 1.11, "Common Vision Blox 13.1.3" or higher is required.

If this requirement is met, GigEVision cameras (Ethernet connection) are detected without further actions by the user.

For GenCP Cameras (this means cameras, which are connected via CameraLink but have a CVB driver installed)

The *.ini file of the Perception Park application (e.g. "Perception Studio.ini" or "Perception Core.ini") needs to be changed.

The files are located at "C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Perception Park". The following

needs to be set:


Once this value is set. continue with the next step.

Step 2: Connect the camera with your PC

Ensure your network is properly configured. Either connect PC and Camera to a DHCP enabled router

or set the PC's network card to a fixed IP for a direct connection.

Step 3: Find the connected camera

Start the GenICamBrowser program and open its documentation from the Help menu.

In the documentation you find detailed information to the functionality of the program.

Explore the program and study the tree shown left hand side (in the Available Devices section).

The connected camera should get shown with a green colored icon, like illustrated above.

In case of a direct connection, the camera icon will be yellow, which means it needs an IP address set before

it can be used. To do this double click the camera. A pop up should show to set the IP, first press "Auto Select IP" and then

accept the new IP. Now the camera icon should be green and the camera ready to use.

If not, the camera might be in a different network. See the documentation to understand how to assign a proper IP manually.

Click on the Discover (magnifying glass) or the Ignore Subnet Discover button (multiple magnifying glasses icon).

Since Perception Park software version 2.0, the following steps do not need to be done. As long as the camera shows up in green in the GenICamBrowser program, and as long as it is not used by any other program, Perception Park applications should be able to properly connect to the camera

Step 4: Ensure the camera gets detected automatically

In order to detect a camera automatically in the future, the device needs to be available in the Configured Devices section shown left hand side.

Delete available device configurations first. Select the device entry to be deleted and click on the "cross-button".

Select the device you would like to get detected automatically in the Available Devices section left.

Click on Add Device to configuration button.

Now the device should be shown in the Configured Devices section right hand side. See the image below:

As last step, click on Save configured device button. Do not miss this step!

Step 5: Verify your settings

Restart the GenICamBrowser program and the camera.

The program should show the camera configuration like it is shown in the image above; greenish camera icon available in the Configured Devices section.

Start Perception Software. The software is now able to detect the camera automatically.


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