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This article describes how to operate SPECIM's lab scanner tables without a camera. This leaves the camera available for the use with Perception Park software.

Disclaimer: Perception Park is not the creator of LUMO and does not provide any further support for this product.


Installation of LUMO

Launch the LUMO - Scanner Setup and check "File Reader" when asked for components to install.

If you also want to use the scanner with your camera, also install the camera(s) you have.

Starting LUMO

Now start up LUMO. It should look like this and "File Reader" should be an option for the used camera and under "Motor 1", your scanner table should be detected and show the correct model and some values.

Now set "File Reader" as the camera and press the "Connect" button below it. Once the file reader is connected, the "Connect" button at the bottom of the "Motor 1" section should be clickable. Now click it to connect the table. When done, it should look like this.

Operating the table

Now you can go to the "Adjust" section. If you cannot find the section, it may be hidden. To unhide press the little arrow, located at the very top of the UI.

In this section, you should already be able to move the table, set speeds and set certain target locations.

Loading Lua Scripts

To automate movements, lua scripts can be loaded (you may ask specim for one). To load a plugin, go to the "Plugins" section and add a new script by pressing the "Add plugin" button.

After that, it should look like this

and the plugin can be exectued by pressing the "On/Off" button.

Note that sometimes it seems to be neccessary to find the table's limits and to set a few fixed locations in order for some plugins to work.

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