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This page summarizes the Merge tool.


Sometimes it is helpful to do modelling work on a composition of individual recorded hyperspectral cubes.


By "merging" individual cubes, one cube is obtained which contains all individual cubes.
The Merge Tool allows to merge hyperspectral data cubes of the same spectral sampling along the sample domain (the time domain in case of line-scan).

The result of the merge process is a new cube available in the project browser.

About the Merge Tool

The tool is accessible from the ribbon in several perspectives of the Perception Studio program.
In the following the Merge process on an example of individual hyperspectral data cubes is shown.

In the tool all cubes available in the project browser are shown row-wise. On the left the Preview per cube and and on the right selected spectra sets per cube are shown. The checkbox to the left indicates cubes which should get merged.

Select cubes to be merged

On the most left hand side in the tool, check all cubes which should get merged.
Please note: Only cubes of the same spectral sampling can get selected.
Select the cubes in the order you would like to perform the merge process in. Select the cube first which should get shown on the most left hand side in the resulting (merged) cube.


The Cancel button closes the tool without merging the selected cubes.


The Merge button in the bottom right performs the merge process. When clicked, the tool gets closed and a new (merged) cube will become available within the project browser.

Merged data shown in the Explore perspective

The result of the merge process of the data sets one, two and three is shown.

Note: spectra sets attached to the cubes get merged too and are accessible along with the merged cube.


  • Select a cube of interest in the current perspective (like Explore or Model).
  • Click on Merge icon within the ribbon of the perspectives.
  • The Merge tool gets opened.
  • Select cubes to be merged in the order you would like to see it from left to right in the resulting (merged) cube.
  • Click Merge button to perform the merge process.
  • In the project browser select the new (merged) data cube.



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