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The Sapera suite contains a program called "Sapera Monitor". This program lets you see and count all events, that occur on the frame grabber card. Thus, one can identify possible problems, related to grabbing frames.

To start the program type "Sapera Monitor" in the windows start menu with the sapera toolkit installed. When the program opens it will look similar to the following image, if a grabber is installed. On the left side you can see a list of installed grabbers and their configurations. For hyperspectral cameras usually "Mono" is used and nor "RGB". Note that all events are disabled by default. Events of Type "Acq" are acquisition events. They provide information about the acquisition of images. The events of type "Xfer" are transfer events.

Counting of events can be enabled by double clicking on certain events in the list (the icon will switch to green) or one can simply press the "Enable All" button to collect all events that occur. Now, when the grabber is active a message is shown in the bottom window for each event and the event counter for each event is raised every time an event occurs.

The numbers should be reasonable for a working system. For instance, for every "Start Of Frame" there should be an "End Of Frame" event. If there is one less, then the measurement was probably interrupted before the next "End Of Frame" occurred but if the difference is 2 or greater, this could be a sign of a misconfiguration or other issues with the grabber.

After monitoring is done, a report file can be exported by clicking "File -> Generate Report" in the top left menu.