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Step into the valuable hyperspectral technology by reading tutorials accessible from this page.



Get started

You like to get started with hyperspectral imaging? Read this page for an easy step-in.

Hyperspectral imaging step by step

This document guides the reader through a complete hyperspectral imaging workflow beginning with the setup of components and ending up with the inspection of a color stream to discriminate taught plastics.

Exploratory analysis of plastics

Exploratory analysis are often the very first step after the acquisition of data from a camera system. In this tutorial various plastics are investigated by NIR line-scan HS imaging. Different spectral properties of the objects are explored.

Impurity detection on sausage

In food processing the detection of unwanted objects on goods is needed. This page summarizes a simple example on the detection of some plastic pieces on top of a sausage stack.

Quantitative analysis of Ibuprofen pills

In many industries quantitative measurement of spectral information gives an valued input e.g. for quality inspection. This page summarizes a simple example on modelling the API (active pharmaceutical incrediant) of pills.




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