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This page summarizes the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program. The Start perspective is typically the entrance point to work either by creating a new project or by opening an existing one. Furthermore example projects or program specific information are accessible.

About the Start Perspective

Read here about general information of the Start perspective and the composition of perspective elements.

In the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program you can

  • open an existing project or start a new one,
  • select from a list of recent projects or start with an example project,
  • get version information,
  • access the online help of the program,
  • report issues during work with the program,
  • show license activation information and
  • exit the program.

The following image is showing the Start perspective after start of the program.

On the top of the Start perspective the version of the program is stated. On the left, options for the program are listed like "Help" or "About". In the main view the user can open a new project or open an existing project from a list of recent projects or example projects.
On the top right, links to the Perception Wiki service are shown.


On the left side of the Start perspective numerous program options are listed. In the following this options are described.

Start & About

Toggle between "Start" view and "About" view by clicking on Start or About. When About is activated about information to the program is summarized in the main view, otherwise available projects are listed.

New Project

When a new project is opened, an empty project tree is build and the last active perspective is shown.

In the example above the Explore perspective of an empty project is shown.

Save the project to disk, to set the name of the project (root node in the project tree).

Open Project

When a project was opened, the last active perspective is shown.

Save and Save Project As

Select your save options from these buttons.


Clicking on this button opens your web browser linked to the Perception Wiki online service.

Show License

Open the product license overview dialog by clicking on the Show License button. Use this dialog to contact the support.

For detailed information to licensing please refer to the documentation of The Perception Studio Program.


Click on this button to exit the program.

Recent and Example Projects

In the main view of the Start perspective recent or example projects are listed to allow a quick start of work.

Toggle between recent and example projects by switching the tabs in the main view.

Recent projects are all projects which were done with the program in the past. A project is identified by its project file (pproj file) located typically in the users Perception Park folder.

Example projects are projects which were shared by users of the Perception Wiki service. To get access to an Example project, visit the download space and download an example data set of interest, install the downloaded file and restart the Perception Studio program. After that, the installed example project should be accessible from the Example projects list in the Start perspective.

All example projects are stored in the users Perception Park folder (e.g. my documents\Perception Park\examples\).

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