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The View perspective of the Perception Studio program provides the visualization of streamed molecular information.


Before interfacing the Perception Core with a machine vision system, a quick evaluation of the live streaming of modelled information is often helpful.


The Perception Core acts like an adapter between a hyperspectral camera and a machine vision solution. From selecting between predefined run-jobs, the transformation from hyperspectral information to image information is done according to the users choices (according to the models a run-job is build of).

About the View Perspective

In the View perspective the run-job PMMA detection is selected. On the right hand side the CCI-Stream Extract_1stDerivative is shown resolved by spatial pixel position (vertical) and scans over time (horizontal). The plastic plates shown were moved four-times through the inspection line of the line-scan system. Beside the CCI-Stream currently shown the stream Correlate_1stDerivative is available (shown in the Configuration panel left to the stream). Beside the run-job PMMA detection additional run-jobs are available on the hardware the Perception Core is running on: like PET sorting or PVC detection.


  • Activate a run-job of your choice.
  • Add a run-job beforehand (see Setup a Hardware Device).
  • Start the streaming.
  • Select a stream. Hint: A run-job can hold more than one streams (one stream per model)
  • Inspect the live visualization


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