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This example project contains Hyperpsectral imaging data of sausage contaminated with pieces of plastics. 


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Original DonorMeasurement SystemRelease Date

Markus Burgstaller
Perception Park GmbH


Stemmer Imaging HS Setup

  • Allied Vision GoldenEye
  • Specim N17E
  • Perception System
2016-05-30Sausage contaminated with plastics.exe20.38 MB


The example project "Sausage contaminated with plastics" contains Hyperpsectral imaging data of sausage contaminated with pieces of plastics.


TitleSausage contaminated with plastics
CategoryFood - Impurity detection
Sample Description2x2 plastics on the top of a sausage stack ("Extrawurst").
Sample IDunknown
Sample Locationunknown
DonorMarkus Burgstaller
Date of Measurement16-04-27
Measurement SystemSTEMMER IMAGING HS Setup: Allied Vision GoldenEye CL033SWIR, Specim N17E slit30um, KOWA F12.5, Perception System
Measurement DescriptionMeasurement of reflectance
Measurement SetupIllumination: Halogen diffuse, background: black foam
Measurement ID20160527132739
Spectroscopic DiscussionUnknown
Sample Image(s)




This data set gives an example on industrial impurity detection. So the discrimination of objects (impurities) from product (sausage) can be investigated.

Further notes of the data sets donor

Beside the sausage_plastics (979-1652nm) an additional hyperspectral cube is available named sauasage_plastics_highSpeed. The "highSpeed" data set was obtained by measuring the same object but in a reduced spectral range: 1071-1268nm (resolved by 121 spectral points).
The "highSpeed" data set shows the possibility to speed up the camera system (scan rate) by decreasing the number of spectral points to be read from the sensor.
High speed measurement is mandatory for this kind of industrial application (impurity detection) since the transport speed of objects is typically high (1-2m/s) and size of impurities typically small (in the millimeter range and smaller).

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Good to Know

  • When downloaded execute the installer. The data will get installed in the examples folder of your Perception Park folder in your user folder (e.g. my documents).
  • When installed, open this project from the Start perspective of the Perception Studio program.
  • A demo version of the Perception Studio program is available from here.
  • You are welcome to add your example data to the download space  - see How to add example data to the Perception Wiki