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You like to get started with hyperspectral imaging? Read this page for an easy step-in.

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What do you plan to do?

I like to work offline on data available

Purpose: to do an analysis on data, to do a demonstration of the software offline.

Need: explore data, model the extraction of molecular information from data.

→ Download Perception Studio Desktop and install it on your PC.

→ Download an example data set and e.g. get an overview by reading tutorials.

I like to record data and to work offline with it

Purpose: to analyse samples in my lab, to do a demonstration of a camera and the software offline.

Need: to setup and control a camera, to acquire data, to explore data, to model the extraction of molecular information out from hyperspectral data.

→ Download Perception Studio Offline.

→ Opt your camera during the installation of the software.

→ See the guide: Hyperspectral imaging step by step

I like to get molecular information live from a camera

Purpose: to do industrial hyperspectral imaging e.g. in combination with machine vision tools

Need: to setup and control a camera, to acquire data, to explore data, to model the extraction of molecular information out from hyperspectral data, to setup a run-job, to live view molecular feature streams;

→ Download Perception Studio Inline.

→ Make sure a streaming adapter (Perception Core software on it) is available

→ See the guide: Hyperspectral imaging step by step

What is...?

See the "What is...?" section on our website to get an understanding to technological terms in the circumstance of our products.

Where to get components needed?

To do hyperspectral imaging in industry a couple of componets are needed. The best choice on camera  technology as well as further equipment like lighting often depends strongly on the application case.

To get started smoothly, please contact the sales representative in your area. In case of detailed information to software aspects are needed, dont hesitate to contact us.

Your support team

What manuals are available?

We provide two software componets which both resist on the same underlaying software environment. Beside this an information service is available.

Perception Studio

The Perception Studio program is your front end. Dependent on the use case, it provides different perspectives onto hyperspectral imaging.

Read the Perception Studio software manual to understand the user interface.

Perception Core

The Perception Core program is a streaming adapter which secure the extraction of molecular information live from a camera. In the development phase, a configuration is developed by means of Perception Studio's Model perspective.

To deploy your work, Perception Studio's Setup perspective is used to transfer a configuration to the Perception Core. When applied to camera live data, the Perception Core outputs molecular information per pixel through an industrial streaming protocol.

Connect your machine vision tool e.g. to the Perception Core via GigEVision and receive molecular information live.

Perception Wiki

The Perception Wiki is an internet information service supporting with knowledge, data and software related to industrial hyperspectral imaging.

The service provides information through the spaces Info, Manuals, Download and Training. Logged-in users have extended access to the spaces Marketing, Projects and Sandbox.

Open the Perception Wiki internet service and get started by downloading example data, demo software or by reading a tutorial.

Example Data

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pageDOW:Example Data


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pagePerception Tutorials


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Are there any requirement to my PC?

To work with hyperspectral data It is good practive to have a large portion of RAM memory available.

For detailed information on this topic see Perception Studio Requirements.

How does the licensing work?

Most useful today seem to be the USB-dongle licensing mechanism. A license container on the dongle holds purchased licenses.
Licenses may get transferred by means of a software license ticket. See Online Activation & Transfer.
Without activation you can run plug-ins in demo mode for a restricted period of time.
The demo mode time per default is one month.


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