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True Color Overview

The True Color method reads calculates color measurements from hyperspectral data and creates a true color image from this information.

This method only works for the visual range,   if the data set does not contain information in the visual range, then the output image stays black as no useable information is present.


The illuminant defines the standardized lightsourcelight source, which was used when recording the data. This means, the lightsource light source has to fit the selected illuminant to produce correct results.


There are three color formats, which are, sRGB, XYZ ang and Lab. Each format has its own value range. A True Color model can be applied to a perception core as configuration. In this case, the user can select the bitdepth bit depth of the stream (either 8bit or 16bit). Depending on the bitdepthbit depth, the range of the streamed values is scaled to fit the possible range.