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and the stream should start. To exit the streaming view, click the lower "X" in the top right corner.



GigE Vision output does not work at all

In order to work, the machine which runs the Perception Park software needs to be connected to at least one network. This can be a local network

with or without DHCP or a simple direct connection to another PC. If this condition is not met or no network card can be found, the following errors

might be displayed:

Code Block
No valid GEVServer available:
 - Please ensure that all network cables are plugged in before starting the application
 - Enter a valid default ip address in the application's ini file (%APPDATA%/Perception Park/<ApplicationName>.ini
 - If the configuration was made for another hardware, make a new configuration with a valid server address

here the default IP can be set in the "PerceptionCore.ini" file as follows

Code Block

Note that the system defaults to this IP if anything fails

ERROR: The default GEVServer IP address is not valid. The IP, stored in the configuration will be used

The default IP address (set in "PerceptionCore.ini" ) is not valid.

ERROR: The GEVServer IP address inside the configuration file is not valid. The default IP will be used.

The MAC & IP address, defined in the active configuration are not valid for the PC. Note that the network cards are scanned for the MAC first,

then for the IP. The error is shown if both fails. In this case, the default IP is used.

HALCON Setup with 2 PCs

If you have one PC for Perception Core and another PC to run HALCON, you have to install the HALCON Streaming filter on the used Ethernet adapter

on the HALCON PC

HALCON Setup on 1 PC

If you want to use 1 PC which runs Perception Core and HALCON at the same time, you need to UNINSTALL the HALCON Streaming filter from the

Ethernet adapter(s)See GigE Vision Streaming Troubleshooting for help.