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After installation, the Silicon Software applet "Acq_DualBaseAreaGray" has to be enabled for the framegrabber, otherwise it will not work. To do this, open up Silicon Software's microDisplay and go to File→Load Applet

Visual Applet

Perception Park software uses one distinct visual applet on Silicon Software framegrabbers, i.e. Acq_DualBaseAreaGray.

 To activate the applet, open Silicon Softwares microDisplay and go to File->Load Applet.

Activate the applet Acq_DualBaseAreaGrayImage Added


Note that to activate the applet, the applet needs to be selected from the list, then hit the button in the bottom center (it should display a color schematics of the grabber if the applet is not yet installed)

Verify installation

Now, if you go to the installed software in your Windows control panel, it should list the following items. 

Image Added

Now the device is ready to be used.