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If you use a camera in Perception Studio, which is unknown to the system, the Studio's setup perspective will show a red message saying "This device is not calibrated". This means, that the Perception Park software is missing a file, that describes how to handle all parameters of the camera correctly. This usually happens with newer versions of cameras, that have not been tested yet.

To fix this issue, a valid file for the camera is needed. There are multiple ways how to receive this file:

Upgrade Perception Park software

Upgrade the software to the latest version. We are constantly adding files for newer camera versions

Install Camera Preset Package

This is installed automatically with the latest release but if you don't want to upgrade your software or if there has not been a new release yet, you may install the camera package separately.

Remove Camera Instance Preset

The following approach is a workaround for a bug in software version 2.0.5582 and earlier

The camera instance preset is a calibration preset, only for a camera with a certain serial number. Such a preset may exist in the camera instance folder of the user library. The path to this may look like this "C:\Users\<WindowsUserName>\Documents\Perception Park\library\user\hardware\Specim\FX10e\Version 1.1\077000038334", where "Specim" is the manufacturer of the device, "FX10e" is the device type, "Version 1.1" is the device version and "077000038334" is the serial number of a specific device of this type. Inside this folder you will find a file called "InitialSettings.psb". This file is always written by the system on startup and contains the exact camera settings at connection time. You can ignore this file. If any other files are in this folder, the system will load the newest of those after the camera's factory settings were loaded. This can be used to provide additional calibration data, which is only valid for the camera with this exact serial number. An example is defect pixel definitions as they vary from sensor to sensor.

Delete all files in this folder.

Receive a new file from Perception Park

Go to setup perspective in Perception Studio where the camera shows up, that causes the issue. Select "Save User Settings" as shown in the image below. Save the file to disk and send this file to support@perception-park.com including a textual description of additional problems with the camera. Our support can then generate a new file and send it back to you.

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