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Thanks to Rob Webb from Stemmer Imaging Ltd. who provided an example data set to an apple with bruises on it!


Example Data: Apple with bruises

Description: The example project apple with bruises shows an apple with bruises on it measured by NIR (near infrared) HS (hyperspectral) line-scan technology.

Usage: This data can serve to show contact-less bruises detection by HS camera technology.

Donor: Rob Webb, Stemmer Imaging Ltd, United Kingdom

Measurement System: Stemmer Imaging CCI Setup

Further notes: I carried out this example data with a conventional lighting setup - direct lighting from two sides. Therefore, the measurement data appears not to be the very best quality - especially on the borders the insufficient lighting situation results in spectra with less quality compared to those from the centre of the apple. However, by means of the CCI method Correlate I was able to extract a colour image showing all bruises available in reddish colour.

Accessible by everyone from Perception Wiki >> Download >> Example Data.


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