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  • Perception Software version 1.9 or higher.
  • A ticket which referes to the licenses (web link)
  • Internet access

The Perception Park License Depot

The Perception Park License Depot serves as access point for customers, to download additional licenses

and to manage and maintain their owned Perception Park licenses.

The depot is accessible via this URL: http://lc.codemeter.com/78511/depot/index.php

For each order a Ticket number is generated, which is needed to access the specific licenses within the depot.

The Ticket number has the following format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Online License Activation

Licenses can be activated online by providing the ticket number. For this, go to the online depot and enter

the corresponding ticket number.

Enter Ticker Number

After a valid ticket number was entered, the depot will ask whether you want to bind the licenses on a dongle (CmDongle, left side)

or to the local PC (CmActLicense, right side). Note, that licenses, bound to a PC may not be moved afterwards and may be lost, if

the PC breaks. Thus, dongles are the preferred method as they provide more flexibility.

Once you made the choice, where to store the license, you can select the products, you want to activate. If a dongle was chosen as target,

you can also choose which dongle to use, if more then one is connected. To finally activate the licenses, press the "Activate Selected Licenses Now".

A window will popup, which shows the license transfer progress. This window must not be closed or refreshed.

Once the process has finished, your licenses are ready to use.

Transfer Of Licenses

Note that you can not transfer a license from dongle to PC if the two following conditions are met:

  • The license was purchased before January 20th 2020
  • You have executed a Perception Park software with build version (3rd number in the version number) between 5528 - 5687

If you want to transfer the license to a PC and you meet those conditions, please contact our support. However, transferring to another dongle works and can be done.

Licenses can be transferred from one dongle to another by returning them to the depot and then activating them with another dongle.

To do this, connect the dongle, you want to remove the license(s) from, to your PC and go to the online license depot

at http://lc.codemeter.com/78511/depot/index.php . 

Now you need to enter the ticket number for the license(s) you want to change and press "Next". If the dongle with those license(s)

is not connected, the depot will show a warning, including the serial number of the correct dongle (found on the outside of the

dongle hardware)

Enter Ticker Number

Once you connected the right dongle, you can return the licenses to the depot by pressing "Re-Host Licenses". After this step you

can download the license(s) to another dongle or PC.

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