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This page summarizes information to the release version 1.11 of Perception Park software as well as gives access to available installers.


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Note that following features of the software are disabled in demo (unlicensed) mode:

  • Saving of cubes, models and other assets in Perception Studio
  • Persistent saving of configurations on Perception Core
  • Stream output of Perception Core contains a watermark
  • Perception Core shuts down after a 30 minute usage period

After activation of your specific PC, the software is available without any restriction.
Alternatively, obtain an transferable USB dongle from your local distributor.

New Features

  • Increased the number of simultaneous streams of Perception Core to 24. Note that this may influence the performance of streaming
  • Redesign of the Model perspective in Perception Studio to make it more intuitive
  • Demo versions of the applications do not have a time limit any more. Instead, saving is disabled and output streams contain a watermark
  • GigEVision Cameras are now automatically detected when accessible
  • Improvement of communication between Perception Core & Perception Studio. The Setup perspective in Perception Studio now also shows the output log of the connected Perception Core
  • Binning is now enabled for Specim FXe series cameras
  • Improvements to true color methodology and Explore [Color] perspective
  • It is now possible to set the internal buffer size of Silicone Software & Teledyne Dalsa frame grabbers
  • Perception Studio now combines the functionality of Perception Studio Inline & Offline in one application.


  • To use GenICam cameras like Specim FX10e/FX17e and Allied Vision G008, a valid installation of Common Vision Blox version 13.1.3 or higher is required.
    It can be downloaded here https://www.commonvisionblox.com/en/cvb-download/

  • For Perception Core update your graphics card drivers to the latest available on the Nvidia homepage


  • Fixed a bug in Perception Studio where the crop region in the crop tool would only cover a part of the cube
  • Fixed a bug in Perception Studio where the timepoint locator (red line) in Explore [Spectra] would not appear under some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in Perception Studio where the names of licensed products would not show in the license dialog
  • Fixed a crash bug in Perception Studio that would occur when cropping data
  • Fixed a crash bug in Perception Studio that would occur when reconnecting to a Perception Core

Update History






  • Improvements to setting camera parameters
  • Improvements to AVT Goldeye CL033 camera
  • Binning is now enabled for Specim FX CL series cameras


  • Release 1.11 - see notes above.


© 2019 by Perception Park GmbH
The content of this page and any attached files are confidential and intended solely for the addressee(s). Any publication, transmission or other use of the information by a person or entity other than the intended addressee is prohibited. If you receive this in error please contact Perception Park and delete copied material. Perception Park GmbH, Nikolaiplatz 4 / 3, A-8020 Graz; Austria; FN 400381x

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