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This page summarizes information to the release version 2.0 of Perception Park software as well as gives access to available installers.


Note that following features of the software are disabled in demo (unlicensed) mode:

  • Saving of cubes, models and other assets in Perception Studio
  • Persistent saving of configurations on Perception Core
  • Stream output of Perception Core and TRUECOLOR CAM contains a watermark
  • Perception Core and TRUECOLOR CAM shuts down after a 30 minute usage period

After activation of your specific PC, the software is available without any restriction.
Alternatively, obtain an transferable USB dongle from your local distributor.

New Features

  • New product TRUECOLOR CAM App: Stream true color measurement images from your hyperspectral camera. No spectral knowledge needed.
  • Perception Core and TRUECOLOR CAM are available for embedded systems.
  • Perception Core: The process of adding streams to a Perception Core was improved. Now the camera does not need to be set to the exact spectral resolution of a model to be able to add the model. It is now sufficient if the camera's current wavelength range is equal or greater than the model's. Also, a textual hint to visualize this was added.
  • Added more information to Info panels in Perception Studio


  • Reduced the size of saved *.hsd files by at least 50%
  • Reduced memory consumption of Perception Studio
  • Perception Studio Setup Perspective: Buttons to record White Image and Dark Image are now below the corresponding images. This is now the same regardless whether the camera is used directly or a Perception Core is used.
  • Perception Studio Setup Perspective: If available, the button to open/close a camera's shutter is now in the camera group. This is now the same regardless whether the camera is used directly or a Perception Core is used.


  • For Perception Core update your graphics card drivers to the latest available on the Nvidia homepage. See 3rd Party Software.


  • Fixed a bug where the framerate of Specim FX CameraLink cameras would not be changeable
  • Removed the possibility to change parameters via mousewheel since users accidentially changed parameters when scrolling through lists of parameters
  • Fixed a UI problem, where the last spatial position of an image would be shown as zero intensity
  • Fixed a problem where the performance counter in live views would falsely show positive or negative spikes.
  • Fixed a memory leak which would occur when deleting data cubes in PErception Studio
  • Perception Studio: Fixed a bug where the application would crash when the user tries to add marker points for spectra outside of the cube

Update History


  • Fixed communication issues when connecting Perception Studio to Perception Core.


  • Release 2.0 - see notes above.


© 2019 by Perception Park GmbH
The content of this page and any attached files are confidential and intended solely for the addressee(s). Any publication, transmission or other use of the information by a person or entity other than the intended addressee is prohibited. If you receive this in error please contact Perception Park and delete copied material. Perception Park GmbH, Wartingergasse 42, A-8010 Graz; Austria; FN 400381x

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