Perception Park software supports the usage of Silicon Software framegrabbers to be used with Camera Link cameras. However, the installation of Silicon Software drivers and software has do be done correctly to get it to work. This article goes through the installation process.

When installing the runtime do not forget to install the applets available for your framegrabber. In the picture below applets for microEnable 5 marathon VCL are installed.

Be aware that having both Silicon Software and Teledyne DALSA framegrabbers on one machine is not supported by Perception Park software.

A Silicon Software framegrabber can only be used after uninstalling Teledyne DALSA software from the machine.

Visual Applet

Perception Park software uses one distinct visual applet on Silicon Software framegrabbers, i.e. Acq_DualBaseAreaGray.

 To activate the applet, open Silicon Softwares microDisplay and go to File->Load Applet.

Activate the applet Acq_DualBaseAreaGray.

NameInfoDownload Link
Silicon Software Runtime 5.5.1_68121